Aquatic Corps Officer Job Descriptions. Below are a few associated with the methods Marines become officers

There are some paths to becoming a Marine officer

There are numerous options a prospective aquatic Corps officer usually takes to attain the name. To enter the USMC officer ranks you’ll just take paths that are several.

U.S. Naval Academy

The Academy may be the Navy and aquatic Corps’ Department of Defense-operated university located in Annapolis, Maryland. Typically 25 % of this graduates for the four-year institution will be aquatic Corps Officers.

Aquatic Corps ROTC

Navy/Marine Corps ROTC programs at significantly more than 65 universites and colleges throughout the nation offer aquatic Corps commissions to university students who complete four several years of naval science research on campus.

USMC Officer Candidate Class

The Marine Corps has a traditional candidates’ school like other branches of the U.S.